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Therapy for Parents and Families

How the world has changed parenting…

Raising children today is undeniably harder than when we were kids. We didn’t have cell phones and the Internet as constant companions. We couldn’t compare ourselves with others on such a global scale.

Children aren’t the only ones dealing with comparison and information overload. We get messages from all over about how we should be parenting. Parent-shaming, especially mom-shaming, is far too rampant thanks to social media.

How do we learn to be parents now?

These days, it can feel like our kids are running the show instead of us. We may be parenting out of guilt or worried our kids won’t like us if we put limits on them or say no.

Many parents are afraid to parent or do so in a way that makes them feel better or comfortable rather than empowering their children to be independent adults once they leave the comfort of home. Learning to set clear expectations and following through on consequences in an empathic manner are often skills that need to be learned and practiced.

Physical punishment is never a viable option for consequences and does not help children behave better. Research has shown that physical punishment only serves to make children more secretive and sneaky in their efforts to get what they want.

Experienced as a parent and a therapist

Having raised two daughters, I know firsthand how challenging this journey can be. I also remember the rewards of setting limits and expectations on them now that they are successful, compassionate adults.

If you feel like you’ve lost the upper hand at home, let’s work on how to get you back in the driver’s seat. I taught parenting skills for several years in my early career and have helped numerous parents, especially in the transition from tween to teen. Our parenting style must change as they change – and I can show you how.

Although I don’t work with children, I do work with adolescents on an individual basis; and family sessions are available.

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