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Insight is helpful to understand why we do what we do, but genuine and long-lasting change happens when we change our reactions in the body.

Procedural habit is why we don’t need to relearn how to drive a car each time we get behind the wheel. Procedural habit is also why we continue to behave in the same way when encountering similar situations. The body will do what it knows.

Body-Based Treatment

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy is a body-based treatment that helps the body learn new procedural patterns to help us change habits that no longer serve us.

As a Level II trained Sensorimotor Psychotherapist practitioner, I help people change long-standing patterns by tracking the body’s patterns and help you create healthier habits in response to ongoing challenges in your life.

CBT – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

CBT is a popular therapeutic tool. If you change your cognition, you can change your behavior. Our thoughts can create our feelings, so if we change our thoughts, we change our feelings.

CBT, combined with Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, can create positive change.

There are many practical skills and helpful tools you can continue to use for yourself once you learn them. These often become many of the tools in your personal toolbox and can help shift your thinking.

If you’re interested in learning more about these approaches and how they can help you create better-coping skills, call, email or fill out the contact form below to get started.