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Individual Therapy

Everyone should have a therapist.

I have a therapist.

Having a therapist provides an objective, third-party person in your life who will allow you to be open and yourself.

A therapist is also a person who can be helpful in ways that benefit you with no agenda of their own other than helping you have the best life you can achieve.

Why not you?

Many people are afraid to begin therapy. I like to reassure people that if it’s a fear of judgment or thinking our worst fears we believe about ourselves will be validated, that is not what will happen.

Therapy is a journey of discovery, and it’s a good journey. No matter what we find, we can learn to love and appreciate ourselves for how we’ve learned to adapt and survive whatever hardships we’ve endured through life and continue to deal with. Being a human being is a challenge unto itself!

Therapy is an opportunity to be open without judgment with the bonus of receiving empathy, understanding, and support.

How we begin…

Our first session together will be me getting to know you as you share as much of your story as you feel comfortable. From there, we discuss your goals for therapy, what you would like to get out of our time together and determine if we are a good fit.

I work differently from what we think of as talk-therapy, as I educate you on how our brains work. I will teach many skills and work through the body to help you do things differently outside of my office.

Insight is great, but it doesn’t create change. We must do something different to make a change. Together, we will work to help you create the change that is best for you.

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