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Nobody likes feeling like alone.

You’re searching for some relief and your search brought you here.

People pleasing, doing what you think others expect of you, denying your wants or needs and hoping others will reciprocate your efforts for them lead to resentment, anger, anxiety and lots of internal conflict.

Living inauthentically to who we are is one of our most significant issues. How often do you find yourself going against what you want for fear of what others will think of you?

Whether you know why you feel the way you do or not, a willingness to gather insight and try new things can bring about a significant change in your life, so why not give it a try?

Understanding how our past informs our present and continues to impact our ability to create our future is an essential and purposeful way of making changes that matter.

Mind/Body Connection

The body holds the wisdom. The body cannot lie. The mind lies to us all the time, and it’s usually the mind we listen to. Here’s a simplified example of how we do this. Let’s say it’s 11 am and your stomach growls.

You look at the time and think, I cannot be hungry. It’s not lunchtime yet. The stomach growls because it needs more fuel to keep going, but it’s our socially constructed beliefs that lunch is at a particular time that we often hold on to and disregard our body’s innate wisdom.

Emotional pain is stored in the body, and we cannot resolve one without considering the other. Using the body as an informer in therapy creates better insight and more accurate understanding of our struggles.

Hi! I’m Anya.

Helping people know and express their authentic selves is the purpose of my work. Nothing feels much better than loving ourselves enough not to worry what others think of us and knowing and getting what we want and need. Only then can we excel to our fullest potential.

I married a native Michigander and relocated to Michigan from California in 1992. Being such a long-time transplant does not mean I’ve adjusted to winter, but Michigan summers make the winters worthwhile.

I have been married for 29 years, and we are enjoying empty nesting now that our two daughters are on their own and we now enjoy the company of two Sphynxs – hairless cats – Lani & Kai.

All this hibernating and empty nesting gives me ample time to knit, brew kombucha, bathe naked cats and study what I love – human nature – why we do what we do and how we can make life better.