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Feeling Out of Balance?

You can find and keep your center.

You’re trying to show the world who you think you’re supposed to be. Confident. Successful. Composed.

On the inside, though, you feel empty. Anxious. Depressed. Disconnected. Alone.

Something’s missing.

You don’t feel comfortable in your own skin.

So, we try harder to be good girls and boys, try to please everyone, put others’ needs first.

What do we get in return? A short fuse, feeling resentful, comparing ourselves to others.

Welcome to life as a modern human being.

We were all born curious, noisy, full of life. We were wide-eyed and excited about experiencing the world.

But soon enough, we learned that the world preferred us to fit in. We clamped down on our vibrant uniqueness.

Like a frog in boiling water, we didn’t see what was happening until the suffering became too loud to ignore.

Stop living like an impostor just going through the motions…

The conflict between who we think we should be and who we really are causes so much of our suffering.

But that suffering – which you so desperately want to stop feeling – is really calling you back to your true self.

Therapy can help you get back to who you were meant to be.

With some curiosity, compassion, and the willingness to grow, you can reconnect to who you really are.

You can capture the energy that comes when you’re fully alive – as your unique self, living uniquely in the world.

All the good stuff you’re looking for – confidence and joy, connection and passion, fun and adventure – all those things become possible when you connect with your authentic self.

Hi, I’m Anya.

Let me help you regain what you think you’ve lost and help you grow beyond what you think is possible.

Therapy is a collaborative process, and you are the expert on you. Let’s work together, with your expertise and my knowledge base and skills, to help you compassionately understand yourself, allowing for more flexibility to try new ways of being in your internal and external worlds.

The body holds the wisdom; the body cannot lie.

Listening to the body allows us to understand how we’ve learned to live under a set of beliefs that kept us safe and connected as young people but may not be working for us now.

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I am ever fascinated by the mind/body connection. I started my journey to creating wholeness with yoga therapy training where I learned to value breathwork, mindfulness, and meditation practices to calm and soothe unpleasant thoughts and emotions.

If what I offer is a match for what you’re looking for, together we can embark on the journey of a lifetime – becoming who you truly are. That’s what therapy with me is all about.