My Approach

I work with adolescents and adults on an individual basis to address depression, anxiety, life coaching, self-esteem, self-compassion issues. I work with people in the LGBT community and am not governed by a specific religious affiliation. I am a very open and accepting person and feel it’s important that people not be judged by their therapist for who they are. I am a real person in sessions and we are equals. I’m the professional, but you’re the expert on the topic of you.

I find that the most effective way to work is by beginning with the concerns that affect you in the here and now. Then, when you are feeling more stability in your life, we can look forward by setting goals to address contentment or we can also look back to the past at the origins of our difficulties through a different lens. I approach this by combining what I consider to be the most effective of western and eastern philosophies in a mind/body approach.